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Aaron’s reason for supporting the de-annexation movement was because residents deserved to have their voices heard on the cityhood forming. Many of these individuals did not want to be included in the city of Mableton because they were concerned about elected officials entering office and deciding to impose new taxes on residents. This has been a main concern from the beginning. One of Aaron’s main focuses if elected as mayor will be to represent the concerns of ALL residents who are concerned about the possibility of new taxes. The bill supporting de-annexation fell through before it was presented in the Georgia House. For the foreseeable future, de-annexation is not a likely possibility for any resident included in the Mableton boundaries. Every resident’s voice matters. No matter what residents voted for in November, this is now their city and their concerns should be taken seriously by the elected officials that serve Mableton

Communication and Transparency

While campaigning Aaron talked to countless residents that did not know they were included in the new city of Mableton, and they have been confused on the process and how cityhood was voted in. Aaron wants to find ways to keep the public informed on the decisions elected officials make and changes that will be implemented throughout the city. Aaron cares about officials being open and transparent with its citizens, and to keep residents up to date on the decisions that are made that will impact their daily lives.

Growth and Development

Aaron cares about a long-term vision for the city, but knows the focus should be on establishing and excelling at three city services before looking at city-wide growth. Aaron hopes to lay a strong foundation that future city officials will be able to grow and improve upon. Aaron wants to hire city personnel who will be able to execute our current city needs well while having a vision of growth in mind for the future.

City Taxes

Aaron wants to make sure the financial responsibility of starting a new city does not fall on the citizen’s. The feasibility study layed out a plan to create the city without implementing additional taxes. Aaron wants to fight against any new taxes being imposed on citizens. There are citizens in our community who live on either a lower or fixed income and any new taxes can become a heavy burden for them to carry which could lead to housing insecurity. Standing up for these residents is just one of the many reasons Aaron wants to focus on city finances without the need for new taxes.

City Services

While campaigning over the past two months, Aaron heard many residents express their desires to keep their trash provider. Residents also frequently pointed out the issue of people littering along our popular roadways. Aaron does not want to take on waste management as a city service. He wants to give residents the choice to choose what trash provider and service works best for them. Aaron is also concerned that choosing one trash provider for the city will put the smaller waste management companies out of business. Aaron wants to support local businesses and prevent this possibility from happening. The city services Aaron wants to take on are parks and recreation facilities, code enforcement and zoning and planning. Aaron hopes to address littering and dumping issues by working alongside waste management companies in the area to provide creative solutions for Mableton like possibly providing recurring days to drop off large trash items

What's Important to You?

These are some of my important issues.  What’s important to you?  I need to hear what’s important to you.

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